Thursday, 5 May 2016

Support Local? A review of the Tabanca Box Subscription Service

Tabanca box packaging
As if my excitement of receiving a Diembox was out there, I came across Tabanca Box, another local subscription service and I was over the moon! I have to admit that I'm loving these local services that are coming out of the wood works and I'm hoping to see more emerging as time goes on. Back to Tabanca Box.
Marcia Seales-Rodney, the creator of TabancaBox describes it as "the Caribbean's first food subscription box service from the Caribbean, catering for the Caribbean Diaspora. We specialise in bringing the Caribbean to your doorstep." Tabanca Box currently has three offerings:
The Tabanca Box - which is the monthly subscription service
The Standard Boxes - which are readily available boxes. This box can be ordered at any time and there is no recurring cost attached.
The Collaboration Boxes - which are one-off boxes that are only available for a specific period of time. These boxes are normally done in collaboration with other subscription service providers.


Friday, 19 February 2016

My natural hair confession.....

I have a problem....

There, I said it. I've had this habit since I've known myself. It would start with me pulling a strand or two, and by the time I catch myself. I have a bald spot. It's a constant urge that I try to fight on a daily basis. Some days I avoid pulling, other days I end up pulling out some hairs, and then some days, like my last incident, I end up with a bald spot... or two... or maybe more.

If you look close enough, you can see the sore areas. This bald spot
happened because of a scab from dry scalp
This is what would happen. I "suffer" from HIHS: Hand In Hair Syndrome. My hands are always in my hair, I do it subconsciously. I would twirl my hair around my fingers or just yank at random strands. I'd pull some hair out until that area of my scalp became sore. Having dry scalp didn't help either, because I would get something like a scab in my hair and when I got rid of it, that area of my scalp would be sore.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Carpe Diem with this Diembox giveaway!!!


One simply does not celebrate Christmas without dancing
For me, Christmas all about Jesus!!! And with that in mind and heart, it is also the season of giving, of service and of goodwill. Not that I don't do that all year round, but for some reason the atmosphere just seems so much...merrier? Perhaps. So why not end off my year with giving away something that I've come to love and fully endorse: Diembox!! You can click here to read about what I got in the Diembox that I won in August. As a special thank you to my followers on all my social media accounts, I will be giving away the October issue of the Diembox themed Carpe de Strength. So what's in the box? Let's check it out:

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Pink Locket: Jewellery subscription service

July's box: Brass gold bangles.
In my previous post about the Diembox local subscription service, I'm pretty sure I made it clear that I L-O-V-E subscription services. So when given the opportunity to try out The Pink Locket Jewellery Subscription Service, how could I pass that up?

The Pink Locket is the brainchild of Kamilah Campbell, a fellow Caribbean sista who resides in the US. She has vast knowledge about jewellery making (you can read more on her here) and all of her pieces are handmade. Yup!! You heard me.. HANDMADE. Her aesthetic is minimal, which I love because you can wear her pieces everyday. Let's look at the pieces I got: