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Nelly B. and the case of the 'Woubles'?

Ah yes... Woubles... This!!! is what had me counting down the days till Saturday March 18th. I dreamt of it, I fantasised about it, I harassed my coworkers about how awesome it would be. After seeing photos of it on Facebook, getting feedback from colleagues who had it, paying for my spot, and speaking briefly with one of the chefs; I had convinced myself that this was going to be one of those food things that would surpass my expectations beyond measure. Well did it? And what the heck is a Woubles? Let's get to that...

New Year.. better hair care!!

As I write this, I can't help but observe that January is almost over. But! As it's my first post for the year... Happy New Year? I guess.. Also, knowing me and the way I write, you may very well be reading this blog post in February lol. Anyway, 2016 is done and 2017 is here in all its glory. The new year symbolises the washing away of the old and bringing in of the new. Many people make resolutions about losing weight, having new relationships, getting rid of old relationships, and overall making promises to themselves to do better in the various aspects of their lives. As for me, I personally don't do new year's resolutions, but this time around, I've made one resolution: and that is to put more effort into caring for my hair. 

Things I learned on vacation in Aruba


That's a good question, outside of Facebook and IG, I have been low key on the blogging/vlogging. Partly due to illness (yes, I get sick often), somewhat due to laziness (well, more like extreme fatigue), but majority due to the lack of time since most of my day is spent either in the office or getting to or from it. So with all that in mind, you know that yours truly was over the moon about going on vacation; and for me, vacation equals getting out the country for a few days. Sooooooooooo...

Diner en blanc - Port of Spain: The Experience

It all started with my younger sister telling me about this event. My older sister in Pennsylvania mentioned it to her and lo and behold the local leg was being held just in a couple weeks. So she brought it to my attention and we decided to go for it. A week and a half later I'm running around like a headless chicken searching for an all white outfit since they indicated via email that ivory, cream and off white of any kind were a no go. Settling on a dress, preparing our food and organising our cutlery and table decor, my sister and I made our way to the Hasely Crawford Stadium to park as we were being shuttled from there to the venue.