Local scented candles for the Christmas lover

Christmas may technically be a month away, but the festive season has been active for weeks. From Parang blasting on the airwaves since September, to the plethora of Christmas markets happening since the beginning of November, you really can't escape the Christmas spirit. Trust me, I've tried. 

As much as I'm feeling like a bit of a scrooge, I cannot deny the fact that there is one thing that I do enjoy this time of year.

Christmas scented candles. 

Now I love candles on a whole, specifically locally made ones. I even did a list last year of local candle brands that I wanted to get for Christmas. There is, however, something about the scents of Christmas that make me think of my youth and simpler times. Yes, I'm old enough to hit you with the "when I was your age" talk đŸ¤£.

So for love of all things Christmas fragrance, here are some local candle companies sharing their Christmas spirit with us through their fragrant offerings. Interested in a paticular brand? Click their name and head straight to their Instagram.



B&T Co

Bliss Candle Co

Body by Mia

Buttered up

Elly Living

Galt and Maree

Glo Candles

Lilu Aromas

Live Cheer Meditate

Modest Scensations

My Oasis

Ray Scents

Taz Organics

The Black Box

The Body Bar

The Candle and Body Shop

The Zendle Zone

Trop Shop Co

As a candle lover, I firmly believe that fragrance sets the mood, so if you're looking for any candles to put you in a festive mood, here you go. If these amazing fragrances don't put you in the Christmas spirit, then I don't think anything will. .I hope you enjoy whichever you get. 

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.


  1. I had no idea Elly was a local brand! The quality is excellent. Also had no clue so many local candle companies exist.

    1. Oh yeah, there are PLENTY local candle companies, these are the ones just put of Christmas fragrances.


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