All I want for Christmas is...locally made scented candles

Santal Rose Curve candle from Immortelle Beauty

Ah yes, November has arrived, and we find ourselves celebrating another Covid Christmas. From the looks of it, many of my social media friends are already diving deep into the Christmas spirit. Thus far, I've been happily inundated with Christmas pyjamas, trees being erected and adorned, and lots of parang and other Christmas music. As for me, nothing Christmas related happens until Advent starts, So I still have a few more weeks to prepare. 

I know that despite the financial issues many of us have experienced during this panorama, given that Christmas is coming, we may want to find a way to spoil ourselves and our loved ones. So I'm taking the opportunity now, to let anyone who may be so inclined to get me a gift for Christmas know (husband if you read this I primarily mean you), that all I want for Christmas this year is a locally made scented candle, or two, or ten! Surprise me lol!

Why scented candles? Because aromatherapy is a thing in our household. Especially with my work from home situation. There are several benefits of aromatherapy, from easing stress and anxiety, to improving sleep and then some (you can read more here). To me, there are very few things better than lighting my favourite candle, playing some soft lofi in the apartment and unwinding after a hectic day. 

So now that you've decided that you're getting me a candle 😏 you may be thinking, "Tshenelle said she wanted locally made, where do I find those?" Don't worry, I got you. Here's a list of local candle brands that I've been eyeing and have yet to try.

Now I can't talk about locally made scented candles on here without showing love to the brands that have been faithfully keeping my home smelling luxurious. I would easily recommend any of these brands if you're in the market for candles as well as other fragrant things as they also offer linen sprays, wax melts and diffusers.

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So whether you (yes husband I'm still looking right at you 👀) or anyone else plan to get me a candle from brands I've tried before, or from those that I want to try, trust that I'll be happy all the same. I'd implore any of my fellow candle lovers (or persons shopping for candle lovers), to really take a look at local candles, and other local products too this holiday season. Don't get me wrong, Bath and Body Works is good, but local is even better, at least in my opinion. Let me know what you think. 

Tshenelle aka Nelly B. 


  1. This was very informative!! I now have tons of places I didn't know about to try!! Thx


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