Who is Nelly B.?

• My name is Tshenelle • The T is silent • 
• I'm from the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago • 
• I'm plus sized • 
• My hair is natural • 
• Former plus size model • 
• Peer Counsellor whenever I'm called upon • 
• Co-administrator for the Caribbean Ppl With Natural Hair group • 
• Catholic Christian • 
• Singer and Voice over artist • 
• Trying to be a hair, beauty and fashion guru but I'm really a lover of all things socks and sandals •
• Plant mama 
• Adventurer •
• Addicted to shopping local • 
• Believer in the power of a smile • 

I share about the random (and not so random) things that happen in my life. From products I may try, to places I may go, to the many thoughts that float around in my head. There is always something happening to me, near me, or around me somewhere; and in each experience, there is something to learn, to share, and hopefully to laugh about. Take care, God bless and thanks for stopping by!!

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