African wear with a Trini flair

In any given month of July, scores of Trinbagonians would find themselves in the process of procuring their African wear to celebrate the Emancipation Day, the day that the African slaves brought to our shores were finally free. While in the past, African wear was only prevalent during the months of July/August,  there has been a increase in the wearing of African prints on an almost daily basis. I will admit, despite the varying reasons that persons may don a Kente skirt, or an Ankara shirt, the mere fact that I see them so much just makes my day. 

Now we all know that we Trinis would not be Trinis (and yes this includes our Tobagonian peeps too), if we didn't find ways to incorporate our own personal style into how we wear African print. And of course, our local designers have found creative ways to style and incorporate African print into Caribbean clothing and accessories, thus creating a beautiful Afro-Caribbean fusion. So, if you're looking to get an outfit for Emancipation Day, or an Afro inspired bag for a special occasion that may be coming up (we are in wedding season after all), or if you just want a cute head wrap or some earrings wear to a girls' lime, this list is just for you!

You definitely cannot deny that our country has so many creative people in fashion. Whether you plan to wear African print on one day, or every day, we have so many options that we can shop from. Will you be rocking your African print this Emancipation? Tag me in your pics!! I'm really looking forward to seeing you all in your beautiful Afro Caribbean wear.

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.