Support Local? The launch of the Immortelle Beauty Bar

If you don't know by now, I LOVE me some local brands. I truly believe that we need to support in as many ways as possible, locally based small businesses, especially those that are creating their own products. I love feeling like I'm part of a community that helps these small businesses grow, and it makes me very happy when these said businesses value me as someone who truly cares about what they do.

A lot of people showed up for the launch, not surprised though. 

So when I got my e-invite to the launch of this Immortelle Beauty initiative, it made my day, for several reasons. One, because Immortelle Beauty is one of my holy grail local skin care lines; two, Kathryn, CEO and Founder of Immortelle Beauty has also afforded other local brands a space for their products to be retailed; and three, because she said there would be wine (I kid, I kid... somewhat 😅).

Ah yes, all the little local luxuries

So after work on Thursday May 9th (which happens to be my dad's birthday), I jumped in a taxi at Woodford Square and made my way up to Hotel Normandie where the store front is located for the launch. Unfortunately (because no one warned a sister about how absolutely horrid the traffic around the Queen's Park Savannah is), I got there right after Kathryn did her speech 🙄. Nonetheless, I was there to celebrate the launch of her store front and even more so, to check out the latest additions to the Immortelle Beauty line up.

Kylex Naturals

But before I get to that. I want to make mention of the other brands that are retailing at the shop. If you're looking for quality, made with love, soaps that leave your skin smelling and feeling amazing, then check out the collection of Rodco Home Essentials. Need hair products? Then you can definitely peruse all the offerings from Kylex Naturals that are on the shelf. I actually reviewed some of their products in a previous blog post

Rodco Home Essentials

If you're about that green thumb life, plants from The Inside Jungle are there too, and! Very Verde TT has a few poured concrete pieces as well if you want a unique way to spruce up your home decor. Lastly, for the fellas, Classy Gents has a line up of their men's grooming products just for you. 

Classy Gents

Speaking about the men, let's go back to Immortelle's latest additions. A few days before the launch, the Immortelle Beauty IG announced the addition of two new scents to their collection. They teased that these scents would be unisex, which is a huge plus for me because my husband is a fan of the brand (which means I'd have to hide practically all my Immortelle Beauty goods 😒).

New to the Immortelle Beauty family are:
  • Golden Sage + Lavender - Herbal Blue Sage + Fragrant Lavender + Earthy Vetiver, and
  • Nectar + Spice - Spicy Citrus + Fresh Rosemary + Golden Amber + Musky Vanilla

When I got to the store, I made a bee line for the new scents. I was vibrating with excitement to get a whiff of the new fragrances, hoping that the fragrance gods would have blessed Kathryn with the creative divine to create two new scents that could engulf my senses and take me to that special place where I am at peace and all is well in the world (click here to listen to my latest podcast where I talk about how scents help me deal with anxiety).

Leh meh tell allyuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh.... I was not disappointed. They both smell amazing!! And as promised, can you used by both women and men, although my husband isn't fussed about smelling like Pomelo and Coco Creme, or my brother in law about smelling like Agave and Hibiscus. So if you aren't into the overly fruity/flowery sweet scents, these will be right up your alley.

There's a cosy sitting area to the front of the store. 

So after browsing, smelling everything, having some wine and chatting with friends and other patrons, I settled on purchasing the Golden Sage + Lavender shower gel and the Nectar + Spice body butter. Truthfully, I wanted EVERYTHING, but alas, adulting is real.

My mini haul

I also bought a Grapefruit, Lemon and Peppermint soap from Rodco Home Essentials. I'm all too familiar with this brand, and while I was hoping my all time favourite Papaya soap would have been available, the one I did purchase smells really good too. Overall I can't wait to use everything!

Kathryn Nurse, Founder and CEO of Immortelle Beauty. 

For more information, you can follow Immortelle Beauty on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you're in the Cascade area, stop by the Hotel Norman die and check them out. I can guarantee that you'll leave with something special. I wish them all the best with this new endeavour.

PS:- I need to figure out where to hide what I just bought 😝.
Update: Kathryn made her speech towards the end of the launch and not at the beginning as I originally thought. Either way I missed it 😒.

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.


  1. Love the packing and organic products are always a plus. Looks like it was a good event.


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