The best waffle I ever waffled, courtesy No Greenz

Food isn't something that I blog about regularly on here. So you know all too well that if I managed to bring some sort of food experience on here, that it has to be pretty good. And such was the case with my breakfast waffle from No Greenz. After looking at their tantalising IG feed, I decided to give them a try. 

Ordering was pretty simple. I checked out their menu via their Instagram story highlights and sent them a DM. And cue my indecisiveness. It was a serious toss up between the banana waffle and the grandma's apple pie waffle. Eventually, I decided on the banana waffle. They responded almost immediately confirming the order, as well as giving me an approximate time that it would take for the order to be prepared. They then provided their number and instructed that I send my location via WhatsApp. 

Once I saved their number and contacted them via WhatsApp, I was notified when they were leaving. What I didn't expect, was that they also sent their live location, so I could track them while they were on route to my apartment. I literally sat down on my couch and watched that little circle move along the highway till they reached to the top of my street. 

By the time I walked out front they were there, ready to deliver their creation into my anxious hands. After pleasantries and waffle were exchanged, they left, and I quickly hurried back into the apartment to devour it. 

So what's the verdict? Here's my breakdown:
  • Taste: ER-MAH-GERD... Dat flippin waffle lash! It cut! It *insert any other term used to describe how good something taste*! Not only did bananas top the waffle, but they also were integrated into the waffle batter, which gave it enough sweetness without being overbearing. I didn't have to use the syrup that they gave me at all. The texture of the waffle was amazing.
  • Extras: While placing my order, I did mention in jest that I couldn't make up my mind between the banana and the apple. They decided to be a little extra and do something special for me. What I originally thought was just a banana waffle turned out to be a blend of their banana and apple waffles. They added some of their cooked apples and crumble topping to the waffle. BEST. SURPRISE. EVER!!!
  • Service: No Greenz wins on their service. They keep you updated throughout the entire process from when you order to when they reach your doorstep. 

Will I order again? YOU BET I WILL!!! I can already foresee myself trying everything from their menu within the next couple months. Their offerings fall more on the sweet side, however, on weekends they offer chicken and waffles (which I reckon will be the next thing I'll try). In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out their recipe because my waffle iron at home is currently under-utilised, and the recipes I've tried were good, but not no Greenz good. 

Overall, my first time experience as a No Greenz customer was excellent, and I do hope that they keep up the standard that they have set for themselves, because I was genuinely impressed. Thinking about ordering? You can reach out to them via their Facebook or Instagram pages. Or call them directly at 361-5954. You can tell them I referred.

Sooooooooooooooo... waffles anyone?

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.