A Picnic-Perfect Valentine

Sooooooooooooo... for those of you who follow my shenanigans, you would have known that last year I planned a birthday surprise for my fiance courtesy Picnic-Perfect Limited.
It was interesting to say the least, but! He did manage to enjoy himself (You can read about it here). So much actually, that when the opportunity arose to attend their Valentine's Day event, he was very much eager to attend. 

Waterville Estate
So come Ash Wednesday (yes, in case you missed that, Valentine's Day clashed with Ash Wednesday, which left my Catholic self rather perplexed lol), we made our way up to Waterville Estate in Santa Cruz for an evening of romance and fun!! The set up would be similar to their signature picnic layout, however, there were other couples there, as well as a few add ons that made the night more entertaining. 

The picnic layout
Part of our package included insect repellant and hand sanitiser... that was pretty nifty of them to include
The set up!!! True to their style.. you got your picnic basket, throw pillows, add some cute table accessories and lights and voila!! Perfect for an evening under the stars, well... more like under the tent. The weather did prove to be a bit iffy that day, but the Picnic-Perfect team were prepared. With our set up, we got a rose, chocolates, non alcoholic wine, other light beverages and a three course meal.

Close ups of our picnic spread
The meal consisted of an olive loaf with cheese appetiser, a main course of a mixed grain rice, veggies and either stuff chicken or salmon, with dessert being a slice of heaven...err.. i mean a red velvet cheesecake. Verdict? I loved the food, Jason wasn't too partial to the rice, but he loved the salmon, and the olive loaf, and yeah he ate  most of the grapes and practically all the chocolate lol.

Olive loaf with Munster and Pepper Jack cheese

Mixed grain rice, vegetables and salmon... no pics of the chicken.. I uh.. kinda devoured it before the photo opp

That slice of heaven.. 
After the meal we rocked back and made out like teenagers lol. Though there were other couples around it, we were pretty much in our own world. So we just chilled, let the meal digest, and small talked about how our work day was, what we were planning to do for our 6 year anniversary (we ended up doing ice cream, Netflix and sleep lol) and just took in the sounds that came with being in nature. And then there was golf. 

Sorry folks, no photos of us snogging over here... gotta keep it PG lol!!
One of the add ons for this event was the mini golf course that was set up. As curious as I have always been about golf, mini golf et al, I'd never played, so I had no idea what to expect. Jason and I both had a go at it, and though he had more shots on target (yours truly had the poor golf balls flying all over the place), I got closer to the hole. Sadly, none of us managed a hole in one but, I had a blast experiencing something different. 

Is it four/fore/for??!!
Ball!! why you no go in hole??!!
To end off the night, we had a mini photoshoot with none other than J. Regis photography, who, if you remembered, took the photos of our last picnic-Perfect event. Props in hand and smiles on our faces, we took a few moments to create some extra memories of what would be a wonderful evening. Truthfully, I don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but if I could celebrate it the Picnic-Perfect way every year, I definitely would. The evening was well spent, and finished too soon (this is my desperate plea to have a romantic overnight picnic? Can we make this happen? Asking for a friend).

6 years and counting.. not too shabby
Would you go to an event like this for Valentine's Day? Do you think we have to wait for one day in the year to show our partners how much we love them? I think that love should be celebrated everyday, but hey, a little extra on one day doesn't hurt. If anything, I'm waiting to see what else Picnic-Perfect has up their sleeve. Make sure you check them out if you ever want to have a picnic style event for your partner, family, or your crew. 

Tshenelle aka Nelly B. 

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