Just in time for Valentine's Day...

IT IS FEBRUARY!!!!!! And yes, it is my first blog post for year lol. Now, Carnival is on the brain of many Trinbagonians, but right on the heels of Carnival is Valentine's Day. And this year it shares the day with Ash Wednesday. So after all the festivities, why not take advantage of the amazing small business deals that are geared towards celebrating the day of love.
Click through some of these amazing deals!! You're sure to find something!! Click on each image to zoom in, and clicking their name will take you to one of the social media accounts.

PS:- If you use any of the products/services on this list in the upcoming weeks let me know how it goes!!!
PPS:- I cannot be held liable for any pregnancies that may happen as a result of your Valentine's Day shenanigans.

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.