Learning through play!! The Pitter Patter Playhouse STEAM Camp and beyond

Now child care isn't something that I normally write about #teamnokids, but! I find myself excited about The Pitter Patter Playhouse Ltd, their S.T.E.A.M. Camp (which supports local content) and what's in store for them for 2018.
I had the opportunity to chat with Cavelle R. Davis, Founder of The Pitter Patter Playhouse Limited and it's sister company Pop Up Childcare Services by pitpatplay. She is  the proud mother of one son Zachary, who actually inspired her branding. I can tell you off the bat that she is truly passionate about providing quality care to professional families who require extended hours, in a creative environment with a curriculum structured to learn through play.

What inspired you to open The Pitter Patter Playhouse?
As a teenager I  worked at children's camps and babysat for my Aunties and Uncles. As I got older I travelled and volunteered for VBS at my aunt's church then interned at Tutor Time one of the biggest, childcare franchises in the US. When I became a mother in 2011, there was a shortage of great facilities that offered what my training exposed to me to what I wanted for my son. Fast forward to changing 3 daycares and 2 schools, I decided to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship in opening The Playhouse on 1st July 2015.

What is the biggest challenge in your field of business?
Staffing. The reality of this industry in Trinidad and Tobago is that it is often a labour of love. It isn't as profitable as persons looking from the outside believe. Attracting and retaining staff is always a challenge because you want to ensure that the standard you set is kept and that parents are 100% satisfied, and then of course there is the salary expectations, as there are other expenses that sometimes go unnoticed. I recently completed a mentorship programme with a Childcare Marketing Expert who was able to equip me with the necessary skills to overcome this challenge. I am now recruiting with a different mindset that I know will be beneficial to my parents and overall business.

Steam camp? Tell us about it! What makes it so different from other camps?
STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering , Art and Math. The STEAM Curriculum isn't new and is being utilized not only in the US by right at home in Trinidad and Tobago. We all use these concepts daily, without recognising we do. The Playhouse has embarked on a creative curriculum that explores these concepts in a tailored and fun approach which makes learning easy.

Our camp is structured such that the children are able to actually see these concepts come to life by their 5 senses, TASTE, TOUCH, SMELL, SIGHT, HEARING. This year our #100% LOCAL Camp is even more special as these concepts are being applied to our local culture. Each activity chosen is specifically tailored for the  different ages groups and draws from STEAM.
We're different because we creatively make each theme and activity our own. Our collaborations enhance our camp offering and expose the children to leaders in specific industries who are just as passionate as we are about educating young minds.

What is your aim in implementing this camp?
Our aim is for the kids to have fun while learning. The camp will expose them to old time traditions like dancing the cocoa, how to use roucou and different fruits and vegetables that they are not exposed to daily. 

You've moved to a new location, tell us about it? Have any new amenities been introduced with the move? 
I am so excited about this new location as I am from San Fernando, and felt that it is was the right to have a brick and mortar location in the south land. Our new location is conveniently located in the heart of San Fernando at #11 Hilda Lazzari Terrace, Les Effort East. We will feature an open floor plan, great outdoor space, fruit trees and a cute onsite playpark. I don't want to give away too much too soon LOL :-)

What do you envision for The Pitter Patter Playhouse as it grows
Our business plan was always to have Playhouses all over Trinidad and Tobago, offering flexible hours that catered to the childcare needs of the professional family.

As an entrepreneur, any advice for those wanting to start their own business? Any advice for parents or other persons in your field?
Hmmm.... Ensure that you are passionate about your chosen field, knowledgeable and have great mentorship. Planning is key to your success, so make sure you have capital to float your business while you grow.

There is truth in the statement, it takes a village to raise a child. Parental Involvement is paramount to your child's success and you can do this by engaging your child's teacher at drop off or pick up. It shows that you care about your child's development and may answer any lingering questions that you may have been avoiding. 


I have to commend Cavelle for not just sharing with us, but also for spearheading initiatives for Childcare on a more national level. She created the Daycare Providers/Preschool Owners of Trinidad and Tobago group to lobby for change and consistent monitoring of all school programmes. She told us that is her hope that the DCP's, Daycare Providers would be able to work together with one common goal, the well being of the children in her care and in the care of other Daycare providers. She will also be hosting another S.T.E.A.M Camp in December, so make sure you check them out if you're looking for something for you kids to do over the holidays. 

Cavelle, we wish you all the best in your endeavours. It truly does take a village to raise  child, and I am sure that you will see your goal materialised. You can click here if you're interested in learning more about and possibly enrolling your child(ren) in her Daycare and her other programmes.