Support local? A review of the Snacked TT Subscription Service

I'm always discovering new subscriptions services popping up here in T&T, and in this case, Instagram somehow lead me to Snacked TT, a Snack subscription box where you get 6 snacks for $60. So yeah, I like snacks, so I reached out to get a box and see what their offerings were like.

They sent me a survey to take (which at the time of writing this blog, I cannot remember what they asked), which informed their decision on what I would receive. I got confirmation of the date and they showed up to the office right on time!! *This is where I mention that I forgot that they were coming, it's been a long work week folks*

Sooooooooooo... what did I get? And what's the verdict? here's the breakdown.

Vanilla panna cotta with strawberry topping
It's a hit!!! Dare I say as good as the one I usually feast on at Jaffa's. Its not too sweet, which is exactly how I like it, and you can adjust your sweetness with the strawberry topping

Garlic and herbed potato with spicy cheese outline
It's essentially mashed potato shaped into a star and (from what I gather), lightly baked. You definitely got the herb and garlic taste, the texture was as I anticipated. My only wish was that I got more of the spicy cheese outline.

Cardamom cookies with candy frosting
The cookie was soft, I liked that. It reminded me slightly of those biscuit cookies we used to buy as children, but unlike the biscuit cookies, these aren't as dry. I wish the cardamom was a bit stronger in taste. It is there a little, but you lose it under the taste of the frosting. The frosting, was perfect, sweet enough with no bitter after taste.

Easter carrot cupcake, lemon frosting and chocolate almond eggs
This cupcake!!!! My tastebuds saaannngggggg. I am the first to tell you that carrot cake is not one my go to cake flavours. But this has converted me, I need more carrot cake, maybe that should be my wedding cake flavour? hmmmm... The lemon frosting wasn't as lemony as I had hoped, but the almonds added a different element of texture which I liked very much.

Hazelnut filled chocolate cups
I like the idea of it, and I tend to love hazelnut spreads, but I felt like if something was missing from it, like there should have been another component to it, maybe some sea salt? I'm no culinary expert, but hey, I ate them anyway

Cheesecake brownie sampler surprise
Remember that slice of heaven that I drooled over at the Picnic-Perfect Valentine event? Yeah this is right up there with it.

Cinnamon sugared doughnuts
Flavour on point, cinnamon not over powering, could have been a little more moist, but that is just me being picky.

Overall, this box gets a yes from me. For $60 it is a good deal. Plus I ended up with 7 different items (some of which were duos), which was an added bonus. Outside of my views on the taste, my additional feedback would be the following:
- More of a mix of sweet and savoury (but I only say this because I cannot remember if I was asked my sweet/savoury preference in the survey)
-Presentation is key, I wished inside the box looked... prettier? add some kite paper.. throw some glitter... well not on the snacks, but you know what I mean. Make everything look visually more appealing.

Will I get another box? Definitely, I'm interested to see what they come with in the coming months. What's awesome about this is that subscribers can even custom order a surprise snack box to gift a loved one. So you can give one as a gift to someone special for a birthday, any celebration, or just because.

The Snacked TT team told me that they enjoy connecting with their inner artisan every month by innovating and creating snacks sprinkled with love. Well, to you guys I say, keep up the good work!! Anyone interested in Joining the service can reach out to them via their Instagram or email them at Is this something you guys would consider trying? Sound off in the comments!!

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.