Youtube gurus switch things up and their subscribers lose it!!!

This tea though... #stickspinkyfingerout (yes, I made this meme lol)
So I've been catching up on my current events in the social media world, and the latest thing seems to be that several well known fixtures within the natural hair community have either cut off their hair or returned to the "creamy crack." Am I surprised by this? Not really, we all tend to try something different with our hair every now and again (If you follow me on my other social media you know very well that I switch things up maybe a little too much lol).

On the other hand, what surprised me was the reactions of some of the subscribers. I was very much tempted to go screenshot some of the negative comments posted by some youtubers, but #aintnobodygottimeforthat. Instead I want to get some things off my chest and rant a little bit to these subscribers...
Dear Loyal Youtube Subscribers 

You probably watched your favourite youtuber grow her hair from TWA to BSL right?! You watched religiously, every single video. You liked, commented, participated in give aways and twitter chats. You went out and bought products that she reviewed, and even tried DIY recipes that she made.
You offered her a kind word when she was feeling down, and happily forgave her if she was absent from making videos for a while. All in all, you were there for her no matter what...right? Then what did she do? She went and cut her hair off!!! Or worse!!!!! She....oh my gawd...i can't even say the word...RELAXED IT!!!! EEEEEEKKK!!!! #faints. 
I understand your pain, you feel betrayed. You're hurt, angry, disappointed. What do you do now???!!!!! NEWSFLASH!!!!!!!!! The world didn't come to an end when they cut/perm their hair did it?? Why are you acting like it did? Get a grip. IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!

Nelly B.

PS:- Some of you really need to go sip some tea. And this does not apply to my subscribers.

I feel as though some people have invested soooo much energy into the gurus they subscribed to, and get so wrapped up in their on video personas that they fail to realise that these said gurus have lives beyond their channels. Even though some give us a major insight into their daily lives, we are not with them 24/7. So it is pretty safe to say that we do not know what they face in life everyday.
I remember when I cut my own hair off last year October
Oh look, I cut my hair!!!! and the
world did not end..
(you can read about it here), I had been toying with the idea of a tapered cut for a long time, and then after my colour damage, I decided to take the plunge. I definitely do not regret it, and I am grateful that my subscribers (all 700 and change of them lol), were very supportive of my decision.

Within the last year or so, I've noticed a shift in paradigm when it comes to natural hair. The onset of the movement was all about showing how long we can grow our hair and all that jazz, but now many naturals are searching for something different. Some have opted to go colour crazy (like me, my hair is currently teal), others have chosen to cut into a funky style (yeah i did that too), and in some scenarios, some gurus have done committed the "ultimate natural hair betrayal" and relax their hair. From what I gather, 

It doesn't mean that the movement is over, nor does it mean that your life is over. It just means that there is a change. And since when are naturals afraid of change? Aren't many of us naturals who made that big change to go back natural in the first place? Why is it okay for us to make a change, but not okay for a guru to make a change as well?

At the end of the day, their hair, their choice, that's my take on the matter. Am I still subscribed to those who chopped off or relaxed? Yes. Why? Because although I initially subscribed to them for natural hair reasons, I've come to appreciate the other things that they do (make up, outfit of the days, to name a few) and for me that is worth staying subscribed to them. IT'S JUST HAIR FOLKS!!! Yes I know the whole issue of our hair being tied to our identity, the post colonial issues and the whole nine yards...but when it comes to the nitty gritty of it all, it is just hair, and it is their hair on their head so they can do whatever they want with it. Don't forget as grows back folks (or in the case with a relaxer, grows out).
Well would you look at that, my hair grew back!!!! 
Yes, Youtubers have their fanbase to thank in many instances for their successes, but does that mean subscribers get to dictate and judge the Youtuber for what she chooses to do with her hair? I think not.

Your thoughts? I'd love to hear them.

PS: I observed that although those who cut and those who permed their hair got some negative comments, those who went back to the creamy crack got it worse. Does being natural mean that we are completely anti relaxer not just for ourselves but for those around us? I'm not one to judge if someone relaxes her hair, but sadly it seems that some naturals are going all out and throwing shade on those who choose to perm again. 

Sighhh...that tea's awesome. I think I'll brew a batch and share it out. 

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.


  1. I agree their hair their choice. When I subscribe to a channel its not because of their hair but because of their personality.

    1. We may do that, but some people just subscribe to someone to look at their hair. So now that the person has cut/perm, they have nothing to look at again...thanks for sharing


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