International Natural Hair Meetup Day: what's in my swag bag???!!!

Okay so this post is longggggg overdue considering Grenada's Naturally Beautiful International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD) event was more almost a month ago. Although my stay in the spice isle was a short one. Our crew had the time of our lives, and I for one have the sunburn to prove it lol. The meetup was fantastic and it was sooooooooo amazing to meet all these beautiful Grenadian naturals who at some point probably thought these trini girls were off their rockers. We love you gals nonetheless!!!

So my role in the Grenadian INHMD what hosted by SpicyNaturals and Happy Me, Naturally, was that of guest speaker, panelist and I could even say cohost. It seems that I'm just not able to sit back and just enjoy a meet up, I have to get in on the action lol. Overall the day was informative and highly enjoyable.

Goodies!!!!!!!! ^_^
Now on to the goodies. I got me a special thank you bag for my contribution to their event and in that bag were some awesome goodies. A few of the brands I am familiar with, but the rest are very new to me, I haven't gotten to use all of them thus far, however what I can say is everything smells sooooooooo good.....

Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea trea All Natural Hair Milk
Sarenzo Bath Body and Hair Butter Cream Leave in Conditioner and Twist Cream
FCA Naturals Wonder Essence Conditioner and Wonder Moisture Mist
Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals Hy-Definition Twist and Body Butter
Sereniti Strawberry Scrub
Zuri Handmade Hair and Body Whip
KuSheaMa CocoShea Cream
Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave in Conditioner
Giving my speech, it was very well received considering I wrote it the morning of the event lol
Me with Joanna of SpicyNaturals and Arleena of Happy Me, Naturally
Gilline, Joanna, Me, Dianne, Leeanne, Shelisa and Arleena aka the Two Screws Crew...a very funny story brought that name about lol
Giving advice to a new natural, you have to enjoy every part of your hair journey and let your main focus be healthy hair :-)
Event photos taken by Kelon Pascal Photography, for more photos from the event click here. Check out my video on my Grenada trip in cased you missed it!!!

I got so hooked on Grenada, and my passion for visiting other islands has been reignited. So now I ponder on where my next Island destination will be. Grenada feels like home to me and even though I'm not sure when I will return for another visit, I can be rest assured that I've made some wonderful connections there....and hopefully that can result in getting some nutmeg ice cream sent over here lol!!!! Do you know of any hair shows happening in any other islands? Leave a comment with the information. Who knows, I may end up there lol, but for now, I will enjoy my hair products and think back about my fantastic weekend in the spice isle...and the ice cream...and my sunburn, and ice cream...and Gran Anse Beach...did I mention the ice cream???

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.