Soaps and soca? Patrice Roberts dips her toes in the local soap making market

About a month or so ago, while perusing "the gram" a sponsored video clip popped up that piqued my interest. Not so much for the images of soaps, or for the fact that the groovy soca tune 'Carry On' played melodiously in the background, rather, for the fact that at the end of the clip, Patrice Roberts' name showed up alongside the COCO Body brand. I was like eh? Miss Roberts doing what now? Alrighty...

So I followed their Instagram, and awaited more information. Since then, there have been a couple more posts, but I reckon she may be aiming to do a launch? Time will tell. New year's day came and passed, and it was in realising that my soap stash was low, that I remembered her soaps and revisited their social media to get more info.

Their Facebook page says:
COCO Body uses the ancient traditions of the coconut to enhance and care for your body. Our products have been handcrafted, with love, using natural and pure ingredients without any synthetic chemicals to harm or cause damage to your body. Coco Body promotes a healthy lifestyle that encourages you to love your body!

Consequently, I traversed my way up Charlotte Boulevard/Chinatown to Pennywise because yours truly needed stockings for work, and of course, to get a look at and possibly buy some soap. Special mention to the staff at Pennywise PoS who I spoke to on the phone that morning, as well as who helped me in store. They were professional, friendly and very willing to assist.

I did get my stockings! And of course I did get the soap. Here's the Coco Body breakdown:
  • Coco body soaps come in 4 fragrances
    • Coffee
    • Coconut
    • Peppermint
    • Lavender
  • Each soap bar weighs 110g or 3.88oz
  • They're available at Pennywise and Superpharm nationwide
  • The cost at Pennywise is $21.95TTD for a 2 pack
  • They come in an easy to tear plastic wrapper with holes on the side which allow you to smell their fragrance. 

Soaps unwrapped. Top: coffee, coconut. Bottom: peppermint, lavender
I haven't tried them as yet, however I can say that they all smell lovely. Based on the scent before use, I'd say that if you're into stronger scents, you'd definitely enjoy the lavender and peppermint, but if you're not big on scents the coffee and coconut should work for you. I'm a huge fan of lavender, so I'll probably give that one a go first.  

In the mean time, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay in the loop. 

Has anyone tried them yet? Let me know! 

PS: Patrice, if by some random chance you and your team decide to do a launch... and you just so happen to see meh humble blog post... invite meh nah... ah like supportin local.

26/1/2020 UPDATE:
I've finally tried all the soaps and here's my full review!!

Tshenelle aka Nelly B. 


  1. i recently used the peppermint, and omg...its great!!!especially for the leaves you really refreshed.,and that cool very careful when i buy soaps, but i think im sold...i love it!!


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