A tropical Christmas with The Lush Kingdom

Ah yes... Christmas is in the air. Bring on all the red, gold, silver and green decor everywhere!! Glittery things, shiny things, fake snow, mistletoe. So many places look like the Christmas fairy came in and threw up on every possible surface. Not my space though. I'm not a fan of the froufrou. A few throw pillows here and there, and I'm good to go. I think my simplistic eye for home decorating is more of an "I have no idea how to do home decor" but let's leave that conversation for another day. 

What I will say however, is that I love a Caribbean-y, easy breezy kinda vibe. So when The Lush Kingdom introduced their home and lifestyle items, I was immediately sold. 

"Inspired by the beauty of the Caribbean's Lush Landscapes, Lush Kingdom aims to provide, prints, patterns and pictures for progressive Caribbean Adult on their Journey through the world. Wherever you are Lush Kingdoms can live with you."

I like prints and patterns! I'd want to think I'm a progressive Caribbean adult, so this is pretty much for me! I'm no stranger to the Lush Kingdom brand. Their aesthetic has always been a favourite of mine. Thus the decision of what I wanted to get from them had to be made.

I ended up with some curtain panels. And by ended up, I mean that I had a really hard time choosing because the indecisiveness is real. But! My eyes kept going back to this white and blue tie dye pattern, so I figured that this would be the one. 

I set these bad boys up in my bathroom and was very happy with the end result. Listen, these curtains feel luxurious. You can tell it is quality fabric that was used. In other words, these shower curtains made me feel bougie. One thing to note is that depending on the distance between your shower curtain rod and the shower curb, this curtain may fall a bit short. Mine is short by a few inches, but honestly I'm not bothered. Don't worry folks, I have a shower liner. 

But wait... there's more!! Who says you're confined to using them as a shower curtain? Nuh-uh! These can easily be used as curtains in any part of the house. If you're one of those persons who doesn't like the floor to ceiling curtain look, then these will work perfectly. 

But wait... there's more again!!! If you're doing curtains, then you might as well do some throw pillows, and a rug. How about a sheet set? If you answer to any of these is yes, then they have several gorgeous pieces for you to choose from too. 

At this point, I'm low key wondering if my landlady would let me repaint the accent wall in my loft to match more of these Lush Kingdom pieces, but in the interim, I will find ways to incorporate their prints into my space. What I love the most, is that their pieces don't scream Caribbean. There is a but of a modern, understated vibe to them, that allows any of the pieces to be a focal point of a room, while not taking away from other decor elements. 

Did I mention that these prints are all original? James Hackett, the mastermind behind The Lush Kingdom designs all the Lush Kingdom prints, so you're not going to find these anywhere else (No Amazon, Ebay, Wish or AliExpress). 

If you want to see more of what The Lush Kingdom has to offer, click here to visit their website. You also like their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram

Let me know in the comments, are you a big fan of the Christmas froufrou? Or are you more of a minimalist when it comes to your holiday decor?

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.