Nelly B., Blume and the fight against acne

Time and time again, I've been told that when you get a pimple or any type of button on your face, leave it alone. But in true Nelly B. fashion, I don't listen. So what ends up happening? Tshenelle sees pimple, Tshenelle attempts to pop pimple, pimple pops, bruising happens, acne scars follow. This has been my cycle since I've known myself, and boy oh boy has it left me with some acne scars on my face. 

So when I came across the Blume Meltdown acne treatment, I was intrigued, yet sceptical at the same time. An oil that claims to make pimples disappear overnight? Alright, let's give it a go. 

About Blume though. Blume is all about providing products that are good for you and for the environment. Their products range from skin care to feminine hygiene items. Their products are cruelty free and vegan and according to their website they are "building young women a safe space to learn, grow, and become their badass selves. A place to celebrate womanhood and give advice on the good, the bad and, yes, even the ugly that comes with it."

But back to the oil. I received a 15ml bottle with dropper. Instructions were pretty simple, dab some of the oil on to the button and that should prevent it from forming any more. However in true Nelly B. style, I didn't read the instructions properly and thought that it was meant to be used on my acne scars. So I've been using it religiously on my scars and over time, the scars have definitely lightened up quicker since using the oil. 

When I did finally realise that I'd been using it wrong, I started applying it to anything that looked remotely like a pimple on my face. Since then, I can say that I don't get as many break outs on my face. So the ingredients in this oil are definitely doing something.

Investing in good quality skincare is the first step to feeling more self confident as a woman. While there was a time that I felt like I had to wear make up to leave the house, I don't anymore. I just throw on my designer glasses and I'm good to go. Stepping out of the door and feeling completely at ease with your looks, is something we all want to achieve. Hopefully with the right skincare, hair care and accessories you can feel unstoppable in no time!

If you want to check out everything that Blume has in store, you can check their website AND!!! If you purchase their Daydreamer cleanser and Meltdown acne, you can get a free jade roller for your facial care. But wait, there's more!!! You can get 10% off your order by clicking here, as well as check out this page for more amazing deals from Blume. 

What have you been using to fight your acne lately? Let me know!!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.