A day in the life with Nature's Complement

In the quest to try more natural alternatives in my every day living, I came across Nature's Complement, who "formulates, produces, and sells, safe, healthy, effective, all natural (hypoallergenic) personal care/body care products". Now I will have to admit, I was very impressed by the range of products that they offer. From skin and hair care, to laundry and dish washing liquid, Nature's Complement has so many different offerings. So I made an attempt to try a few of their products and here's what happened. 

The Nite'C Vitamin C Under-Eye Serum is a blend of oils and extracts that is meant to target the areas of your face that are prone to wrinkles. I kept to using it under my eyes and I really like how my under eye feels after application. The scent of the oil took some getting used to, but once you can get over that you definitely give this oil a try.

Shampoo bar, conditioner bar, shaving bar? I'd never heard/seen a shaving bar before so I had to give this a go. It lathered nicely, the foam spread well on my skin and most importantly, my skin did not feel dry after shaving. 

I really been enjoying this sunscreen. The only set back for me, is that it takes a bit of elbow grease to properly rub into the skin so that there is no white cast on your skin. I used it on a trip recently and I was surprised that I peeled significantly less than I usually do when I go without sunscreen. 

The Anti wrinkle cream is one of my favourite products from Nature's Complement. The formula of this cream feels light at first, but it is packed with moisturising goodness and when I apply to the areas where I see some wrinkles appearing (mainly my chin area), I notice that after some time the wrinkles are almost non existent. One thing to note is that you'll need to keep this in he refrigerator, but on the plus side, applying a cool cream to your skin feels like heaven. 

I can't lie, I had a hard time with this, because the concept of a tooth powder seemed alien to me. It really took my some time to wrap my head and my toothbrush around it, but with time it got easier and I can say now that I like it. Wet your toothbrush, put some of the powder on it and brush away, the texture of it take some getting used to. But overall this was a very effective alternative to regular toothpaste. My mouth felt clean, my breath was fresh and the freshness lasts. 

This laundry soap concentrate confused me. When you're used to your liquid detergent being a certain consistency, having a very liquid laundry soap seems weird. I followed the instructions and diluted it down. This 32 ounce bottle is supposed to make to 1.5 gallons. I was sceptical, however, when I did eventually use it, I was pleasantly surprised at how clean the clothing came out of the washer, and subsequently the dryer. It smelled strongly of lemon, too strong for my husband's liking, but I love it! 

Following up in the citrus scents is the dish washing liquid. Now just like with the laundry concentrate, I was concerned about the effective because of the consistency. This dish soap is very runny. Thankfully the consistency does not affect the potency, because I was able to use this like I would use any other commercial dish washing liquid. My wares were clean, grease free and smelled faintly of oranges.

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a foaming hand soap. Don't judge me, and this citrus fragrance one did not disappoint. It also lasts a whole lot longer than regular liquid hand soap, which is a plus for me, and the light citrus scent smell great. 

Overall, it really is refreshing to see that more natural alternatives to so many different products that we use every day. I for one will be trying out more of their products and I'd encourage you to do the same. If you're interested in getting some Nature's Complement goodies of your own. You can click here and use my code NELLYB to get 25 percent off your order. Nature's Complement always has a special going on, so you can click here to stay updated on the latest deals. 

Are you trying out more natural products for your home and your personal care? 

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.