Support Local? A review of the Diembox Caribbean Inspired Lifestyle Subscription Service

I love subscription services!! From Ipsy to Birchbox, Graze to the Walmart Beauty Box, I like the idea of Christmas coming early, over and over again any time my Quality Couriers delivery guy brings me a package. I thought I was the only one, but after creating a Facebook group for local Ipsy lovers, which I eventually turned into the group now known as T&T Beauty Subscription Lovers, I realised I definitely was not alone in my love of these monthly presents. For a while many of us here in the group would bring up the lack of local subscription boxes and how we'd love to have one to call our own, so when someone shared Diembox with me, I was excited!!

The team behind Diembox describes it as a Caribbean lifestyle inspired box, so to me, that meant that the items in the box were made either locally or within the region. This definitely peaked my interest more. So, I immediately followed them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and sent them an email expressing interest in reviewing a box for my blog. They graciously responded and we were looking at having me receive a box around October/November, but before that could even happen, my girlfriend Robbin nominated me to be a DiemDIVA. I ended up being selected and received the August Diembox themed 'Carpe de Pose', which they delivered in person to my home.

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So what did I get in the August edition of the Diembox????
I got quite a bit actually. Now on to investigating everything!!!
Sun eaters Organics 80% dark chocolate bar. I'm no fan of bittersweet chocolate,
but this was delicious, and disappeared in about 5-10 minutes after
I opened the box.
Bene Caribe one strand necklace. I absolutely love handmade jewellery
and this choker style piece is no exception. I'm currently trying to build
an outfit around this piece to wear for my 30th birthday next month.
Body by Mia body scrub. I love body scrubs, and this one did not disappoint!
My skin felt amazing after and who doesn't love smelling like peppermint chocolate?
For those of you who've followed me from my Youtube channel's inception, you know that I will always rep for Eco Truffles Lavish Body Treats. This bath and
body oil leaves my skin moisturised and the fragrance is amazingly intoxicating.
A selfie stick? I will admit, this one came out of left field, but
I guess it's never too late to embrace the latest trends.
LunarMar Cosmetics Lava Lip Stain in Kinky Pinky...and it is pink!!!!
Swatches of Kinky Pink both with and without flash. It is really pink
for my skintone, however with the right lip liner I will rock this!!!
Cocoa Vintage earrings which are so cute. I've worn these a few times well.
Her jewellery designs scream 'Caribbean vibes'

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Ariann Mieka postcard. I love the imagery on the card. Will have
to use this for a special occasion.
A copy of the AchieveTT Magazine
So what's the damage? This box costs $60USD. Yes I know that the price tag will throw many subscription lovers off, considering that on average we pay for the most $25USD for a US based box, and even when you include skybox fees it still doesn't add up to that much. But to ease everyone's anxiety let's look at the cost break down of what I received:
In case you're wondering if the $60UD is worth it..
Based on these figures, you definitely get your monies' worth and then some. If you're all about supporting locally made products then I would definitely recommend you try out this service. The Diembox initiative opened my eyes to quite a few local brands that I was not aware of at all, and this is coming from me who loves to support and endorse locally made. I think that the public needs to understand that unlike US based services (which many of us indulge in), the items given in this box are not mass produced, so their unit cost is going to high, therefore the cost of this service will be higher in comparison to the US based subscriptions that we know. This is something I've had to grasp ever since I went back natural and made it personal mandate to support local businesses to best to my ability. I simply hope that Elena and the Diembox team continue collaborating with local/Caribbean brands. If they ever needed help sourcing local brands I'd be more than glad to help since I patronise quite a few of them. I firmly believe that once they stick to locally/regionally made, subscribing to this service will definitely be worth it.

Let me hear your thoughts. Do you think it's worth the cost? What type of products should they have in their upcoming boxes? Do you see yourself subscribing in the future?

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.