Product Review: Silky Soft: Why leave the Jeannie in the Bottle Hair Treatments

L-R: Moisturiser, Hair Treatment, Gel
After connecting with Melva Williams, the creator of Silky Soft: Why leave the Jeannie treatments on Twitter, she sent me a few of her products to try.

Silky Soft hair gel: Has the ability to hold your style without drying out your hair. Ingredients: coconut oil and vitamin E and no alcohol. Great for up do's, ponytails, twist set's, twist outs, and locks.

Silky Soft Moisturiser: Great for children and natural styles. Great for moisture most that use never have a problem with hair drying out again. Ingredients: Vitamin E, Coconut oil, and Aloe Vera, 

Silky Soft Hair Care Treatment has all the essential ingredients that hair needs to not only become healthy, but to stay healthy. This unique treatment helps hair to obtain and maintain its health during all three growth cycles – anagen (the growth phase), catagen (the regressing phase), and telogen (the resting phase). There is no other single conditioner out there like Silky Soft that has all of the essentials that hair requires to be healthy. . 

Silky Soft " Why Leave the Jeannie In the Bottle Hair Care Treatment is filled with essential ingredients to promote and maintain the health of your hair. A few of these ingredients are:

Vitamin E – Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant. This means that it slows down the processes that damage cells. That is why it is sometimes used during medical treatments, such as dialysis and radiation, to reduce the unwanted side effects of hair loss.

Amino Acids – Essential to building new cells (including hair), amino acids form keratin, which makes the hair softer, more manageable, and more flexible.

Fortifier – Fortifiers replenish lost moisture and strengthen the hair, making it more resistant to breaking and shedding. You will see results in the first treatment. Over time, this leads to hair that is stronger, healthier, and shiner.

Sustenance - This helps to stretch the relaxer out for those who are still relaxed so that they are getting relaxers less often. For natural people it help to silken and define curl pattern and it gives the silk press look for those who want to flat iron. Helps because they are able to use less heat.

Now on to me using the products.

My hair was cowashed using the Ossat Naturals Moisturising Cowash. While my hair was still damp, I applied the Silky Soft Moisturiser. I really like this moisturiser. The fragrance is sweet but not too overpowering and applies easily to your hair.
Consistency of Moisturiser
Applying it to my hair. As the product is absorbed
into the hair the white residue disappears
After letting my hair absorb the moisturiser, I used the hair gel, The hair gel has more of a custard like consistency and also smells amazing. I applied the gel using both the shingling and praying hands method.
Consistency of gel
Shingling method: Defining my hair in very small sections, this
helps to define your curl pattern. I ten to do this more to the front of my hair.
Praying hands method: This also ensures that product is applied to the hair
Once I was done applying the gel. I put my hair into some big twists and then tied my hair with a satin scarf and called it a night.
Finished product
Very chunky twists to put under my scarf. I was looking at my
ends in this shot. Time for a trim.
The next morning before I let for work I took down the twist and applied the hair treatment to my hair. The hair treatment has a somewhat slimy consistency and also smells great and applies well to hair. After that I literally shook my hair a bit and I was good to go.
Finished product using all three products
Close up. In case you're wondering yes my hair has some green it lol.
I work in an air conditioned environment, which can often leave wash and go type hairstyles feeling as dry as a brillo pad. But I was very surprised that by the end of the day my hair still felt moisturised. It did feel slightly dry, but I was actually expecting that (I'll explain why below)
My hair shrunk up a bit more during the course of the day,
but overall the definition was still there.
Close up of my hair. It did frizz a little, but I also did expect that
Overall, I absolutely enjoyed all three products. The products all smell amazing, and practically edible. They all apply well into my hair and mix well when used together. I had no residue or build up at all once the products were absorbed. Earlier on I mentioned that I expected some dryness and frizz, now let me explain why. None of these products seal in moisture (they didn't claim to so it's not a setback). I wanted to see how well these products worked on their own and I am very surprised that despite having no oil or cream based product in my hair, my hair did retain a goof bit of its moisture throughout the day, In my trials of this product, I did use my regular oil and pomade and the results were even better. Hands down these products are a good investment and I really wish that they were available here in Trinidad. But for my sisters in the US, you should definitely check out their products. You can find them online via their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.