IT'S JUST HAIR!!!!!!!!

Okay...I need to take a deep breath before I get into this one...

Let's go...
Weaves, wigs, braids or natural hair....should it matter??? 
why such a fuss??? 
I have been natural all my life with the exception of two times,, once in my early secondary school i had some sort of jerry curl that lasted about a year...and then in my adult life I had a relaxer for a year and four months from which I transitioned and did my big chop in February. I love the versatility of my natural hair. I came to the conclusion that relaxed/permed hair just wasn't for me. I got involved in some natural hair communities and things were going good for me and my natural hair journey...until the day yours truly decided to put a wig on. 

For some naturals, braids/weaves/wigs as a form of protective styling, and I share that same sentiment. For me at the end of the day its just hair, and more so its MY hair so I can do whatever I want with it. I am truly baffled as to why some ppl approached me and told me I'm not natural because I put in a weave or wig...its just hair. and if its not affecting the texture of my hair how you tell me that I'm not natural???


I can understand that some people link hair to some sort of identity, for example dreadlocks were originally associated with Rastafarian movement, but that in itself has changed. 

My thing is this...if it's MY HAIR how is it what I do with my hair affects you so much that you need to open your mouth and bring some ridiculous point across to me...IT'S JUST HAIR!!!!! Now don't get me wrong...not all naturals are like this...most share my sentiment to come extent...but there are those few who see any other style/type of hair as being a threat to our "naturalness' to the point where they feel the need to attack anyone who doesn't fit into their mold of being "natural". To those of you who felt the need to show your disapproval on my choice of protective styling..I say "God bless you" (trust me I would rather say something else but the Christian in me made me hold back). Plus my mama would kill me lol...but anyway...

My bottom line is simple...whether you choose to weave braid, relax, cut colour or do anything else possible to your hair under the sun, you should always ensure that you take care of the hair that grows our your scalp, whether it is chemically processed or not. 

I'm so sick and tired of this supposed war between relaxed and naturals. 

I'm so tired of seeing people turn their nose up at or look down on other because of their choice of hairstyle...


To hear more of my thoughts on the matter feel free to check out my mini rant. 

Feel free to share your thoughts with me, I'd love to hear your views...
Any natural hair nazis out there?? GET AT ME!!!! :-P

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.


  1. I T A! They fuss about their natural hair and what they put in it, but the foods and medicines that they consume, is it all natural? To me, that is what would be more important than acting the fool over some hair!

    1. girl..i have no issue with folks who are all natural with their hair and what they use...but don't come around me acting like im not natural bcuz i dont subscribe to their natural happy doing me..and more so my hair is HEALTHY...they can go kick

  2. You are gorgeous with natural hair! I wish I could keep it up but it is so much work! I will keep living vicariously through my natural hair sistahs! LOL

    1. Girl!!! once your hair is healthy it should not matter whether its relaxed or natural i keep telling people that...funny though how keeping a perm was wayyyyyyyy more work for me lol...i just could not deal with the burns on my scalp any more..either way we're both happy with our hair and that is what is most important...thank you for sharing!!!!


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