A new day...a new beginning...

This is a short reflection inspired by my mini get away...

It took a trip to Mayaro with my geriatric to put things in perspective for me (added to that he gave me the idea to write about this). For those of you not familiar, Mayaro is quiet fishing village located on the south-eastern stretch of Trinidad), and during our stay there we took in the beauty of the sunrise over the horizon that can only be seen from the eastern end of the island. 

Sweet Mayaro...I need to go back

While we waited, we talked...laughed...joked around...but as the sky lit up and we gazed upon the sun's magnificent entrance on to the horizon (partially hampered by a cloud) we both couldn't help but think about the glory of a new day dawning. 
Waking up to a new day gives us the opportunity to start fresh. All we can do is look back on the things that shaped yesterday and use it to motivate our today, so that our tomorrow will be even greater.  

Whether its starting a new job, entering a new relationship, or just beginning another chapter in the book of your life, just as the new day dawns, a new beginning in our life brings an expectant hope (or despair) of what this era of our lives has to offer us. 

Me and my "geriatric" waiting on the sunrise
Some chapters in our life give us rainbows and sunshine...others give us thunderstorms, but either way we should make the best of the situations that this new day throws at us. By making the best, I simply mean that we utilise our time wisely and productively before the sun sets...and we're faced with another day...another era wondering where the time went.. 

If I had to take anything back with me from that trip..it would definitely be that sometimes, we need to take a break, get away; remove ourselves from the distractions and stresses of life and reconnect with ourselves....soul search...while rediscovering our divine purpose and mission. I know I did :-)

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised, live and love for today. 

Thank you babe for a wonderful experience...I need to go back.....


Tshenelle aka Nelly B.


  1. This is great! :D
    I followed u on GFC, follow back?

  2. Can you recommend a gynecologist? I did am ultrasound that shows 13 cysts in my left ovary and a huge painful one in my right ovary. I have a lot of questions and I feel like my gynecologist is not answering them or helping me. She suggested that since I have a period every month , even though it is barely there , that i wait 6mths and see her again. I am very freaked out. Thank you for your article.

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    1. A friend of mine mentioned a group of doctors that she goes to in Arima, can you forward me your name and email so that when i get the info from her i can forward it to u.


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