Bra shopping for big boobs in Trinidad and Tobago

I have always been a busty girl, and as I grew up (and my "twins" grew bigger), the struggle in getting proper fitting bras became more and more real. Eventually, I came across Underpinnings in 2013, and my bra woes have been put to rest ever since. I posted a video on my Youtube channel, excited to share in my latest bra haul and was happy to see that a few of my subscribers shared in the comments, where they get bras to fit their ample bosoms. So why not use those comments as a resource for those of us who God blessed with a little more in chest region?

Here's a list!!



Down Under

Ms Brafit

Peri's Plus

Sincerely Yours


As always, the more I find, the more I'll add to the list. Like I said in my video. Any woman, no matter what their chest size is, should have undergarments that make them feel sexy and confident. Happy shopping ladies. Valentine's Day is coming. 


Tshenelle aka Nelly B.