Support local? This subscription box is just what you need for your natural hair journey.

Who doesn't love a good subscription box? I know I do, it's like Christmas every month when I get my boxes. While for the most part, many persons are subbed to either US or Korean based services, I have seen the emergence of locally based small businesses doing their version of subscription boxes as well. I plan to highlight those in another blog post, so stay tuned. 

What I will say about local subscription services, is that of all that I've seen, none of them have catered fully to hair care. Some have offered a hair product or two in their offerings, which is good, but as for a local version of Curl Kit or Curl Box? Nope, not until the Curly Girl Box by Hair Therapy came under my radar. 

Kristine Richards. Don't let the hair fool you, she has a gorgeous head of curls herself.

The Curly Girl Box is the brainchild of 25 year old Kristine Richards, who is the gifted hands behind the Braided Beauty brand. Listen, this young lady could braid, and do hair on a whole, those hands are anointed. Take a peek at her Braided Beauty Instagram account and see for yourself.

I wanted to get some info on her sub box as well as learn about how she got into what she's doing now, so I reached out. Happy to oblige my last minute request (inspiration to write this came to me at the 99th hour), here's what she had to say:

How did you ended up working in your field?

I ended up in this field of work mainly because of my passion for braiding. Ever since I can remember myself I've been into hair. It was more or less a hobby, then I decided to take on clients which surpassed my expectations which in turn left me no choice but to expand my services. I will say that I am in this position today due to me trusting God, having faith and following on my calling and true passion.

What made you decide to start the Curly Girl Box?

The Curly Girl Box started with the sole intention to provide natural hair products to curly girls like myself, that are head and tails between finding products that may actually work, but at a reasonable cost (because as we know, natural hair products cost an arm and a leg).
Another intention was also to include local brands to make persons more aware of our local natural hair care market that has grown tremendously in a short space of time.

What has been your greatest challenge in doing it thus far?

Challenges! challenges! challenges! 
I think I'm a chronic procrastinator lol, so deciding what products go in each month's box is a task. I've also struggled with sourcing products that give my customers a bang for their buck. 

What's the cost? And what can people expect in their box?

The cost of the boxes are $250.00 TTD each and you can definitely expect full sized products from any natural hair line (about 3-5 products) that is specifically packaged around a theme (for example wash days, wash n' go, stylers, etc). 
Persons can also expect products from different lines that have been proven to work well together. This way you aren't totally committed to one line of products at a time.

What's next for Curly Girl Box?

One thing that is on the plate for Curly Girl Box is definitely the inclusion of the tiny tots. I know how much of a task it is for parents to find products that work for their little ones and I'll be happy to help.


I think that what Kristine is aiming to do is fantastic, and our local natural hair community can definitely benefit from it. In addition to the subscription box, Kristine though her Hair Therapy social media platform also sells braiding hair, parting combs, and a fantastic detangling brush. I have one of each, so look out for my review on them on my Youtube channel soon. Also, as an avid supporter of local brands, I'm more than happy to share about all the local natural hair care brands that I've used. 

May's box features full sized products from the Afro Love brand. Here's my review of the line.

So, interested in a local natural hair subscription service? Sound off below!

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.