Social distancing and online food delivery: I tried out the Food Drop delivery app

The year is 2020... The Covid-19/Coronavirus has run rampant across the planet. Social distancing has become the norm. And ya girl is working from home and hungry (if you feel to sudden urge to ask me why I just don't cook, hush). So, with the songs of hunger ringing through my stomach, I finally decided to give Food Drop a try.

Food Drop? Eh?

Food drop is an app that allows you to order food from a variety of restaurants that don't generally have delivery services. And no we're not talking KFC/Mario's type of restaurants, rather, they cater to a plethora of smaller bistros and cafes. In addition to delivery, you can also use the app to order food for pick up. 

Navigating the app is relatively easy. You can sort restaurants by if they do delivery or pick up, as well as by food type (Thai, Sushi, Pizza et al). What is also an excellent feature is that restaurants are always listed by their proximity (you'll need to have your location turned on when using the app). You also get an approximated time that it will take from order to when it reaches your doorstep.

For the sake of curiosity, I ordered from Munchies Bistro. Their ad came across my Instagram stories sometime earlier this year, and I made a mental note to give them a try. Funny enough, they showed up first as they're closest to where I live. Ordering was pretty easy. Their menu was broken down into burgers, pastas, salad etc, so go in the menu, find what you want and add it to your cart.

Once you've added to your cart, you can proceed to check out, where if you haven't done so, you can put your credit/visa debit information in. Sorry folks, no cash on delivery with this one. So you don't have a credit card, a visa debit is a pretty good alternative to get.

Once your order is confirmed on the app's end, you'll see a message at the bottom of your screen that says that they're waiting for the restaurant to take your order. So, I busied myself with work, glancing at the app periodically to see what would happen next. After about 15 minutes, I realised that I was still waiting on the restaurant to accept my order. Part of me was ready to cancel, but I decided to call Munchies to figure out what was going on.

Their contact information was easily available within the app, and after a quick call, I spoke to a pleasant young man, who apologised profusely as they were experiencing a glitch on their end, but they did in fact have my order. He said he'd call me back shortly once he sorted out the issue and less than five minutes after our initial conversation he made good on his word and called back to confirm they had fixed the issue. That was when the message changed to state that the order was accepted. Yay!

Here's where it gets even better. You can see when you delivery gets assigned a driver, and you can track when the driver reaches the restaurant, picks up your meal and leaves to deliver. Once I saw that a driver was assigned, I couldn't focus on my work. When the driver called to say that he was on his way, I just decided to go downstairs and wait for them to come.

In true Nelly B fashion, I missed the initial call to let me know he arrived, but i saw the text message that the driver sent and he did call back, so I excited ran to the gate to get my meal, I thanked my driver and I ran back upstairs with full speed. Ah mean... the hunger was real.

My overall thoughts on Food Drop? I think it's awesome! The delivery cost in relation to the what I ordered was a bit high, but I'm not complaining. This isn't your KFC $10 delivery. From what I reckon, delivery costs would be based on the distance between the restaurant and your home, pretty much like how a ride share works. The convenience of being able to even have food from their listed restaurants delivered straight to your door makes this a plus for me. I don't know about you, but I'm here for convenience, especially when we're supposed to be social distancing.

If you're on the road and want to order, you can also order via the pick up option, so that you simply have to collect your meal when you get there.

As for the food, I was not disappointed in the slightest. First off, kudos to Munchies Bistro for using biodegradable containers. Secondly, ER-MAH-GERD this was delish!!!! I've dreamt of this pasta since I had it, it was so good. It made me happy! Food like this is why I will forever be a short fatty bum bum. The only critique I had, which is really minor truthfully, was that I thought with it being Cajun pasta, that it would be a little spicier. Nonetheless, it tasted great and I'm definitely even more interested in trying other items off their menu.

Overall, my Food Drop experience was a very positive one. It may not be an experience I could afford to do every day (my husband who loves to cook would not be amused), but! I do definitely plan on trying other restaurants on the Food Drop line up in the future.

Have you guys tried Food Drop or any of the other food delivery apps? How was your experience? Leave a comment and let me know.

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.