Step out with Stitched Sneaks!

Disclaimer: I am not a fashionista. If you've ever read my bio on here, you would have seen the part where I said, and I quote "Trying to be a hair, beauty and fashion guru but I'm really a lover of all things socks and sandals". I have very little sense of fashion, I just throw things together and hope that the fashion deities smile upon me. So far so good, I think.

With that out the way, I want to introduce you to a local brand of footwear that caught my eye a while back. Stitched Sneaks is the brain child of Jessica Arnold aka Jessie Q. I found her Youtube channel early in 2018 while on the hunt for local Youtubers and felt immediately captivated by her bubbly personality and love for DIY. In addition to her sneaker lines, she also designs clothing, but that's another blog post for another day. 

Her latest collection of sneakers entail 7 designs that pay homage to Aztec, African and Caribbean aesthetic, while their names reflect pop culture lingo. Okay, I've blabbed enough. On to the shoes!!! Descriptions of the shoes are taken from their website.

Dress: gifted, Denim shirt: Closet Red, Necklace: Culture Band TT, Shoes: Stitched Sneaks Memes 
"These Aztec inspired shoes are for the fashionista that wants to make their own path. The brilliant yellow with black arrows are perfect for those boho looks that need just the right pop of colour."
Tshirt: Natural Ink Clothing, Earrings: Zaveza, Shoes Stitched Sneaks Shoot your shot
"This Aztec inspired shoe pays homage to our fetish with African fabrics... Of course we have to do at least one! The most unique of all our shoes, this design is really 2-in-1 with each side being a different design. The bright bold colours are exactly what you need to complete your outfit!" 
Dress and denim vest: gifted, Earrings: Vena, Shoes: Stitched Sneaks Go Best Friend 
"These intricately patterned designs are great for those fashionistas that want to stunt on 'em! These sneaks are our most complex designs and feature 360 degree patterns and even some on the inside."
Tshirt: Beachly Apparel (defunct), Earrings: Vena, Shoes: Stitched Sneaks You Big Mad!
"These mosaic shoes add brightness to your outfit with its tiled design. Perfect for matching any colour outfit to your shoes!"
Tshirt: The Mogulista Shop, Earrings: Zaveza, Shoes: Stitched Sneaks Kk, Bye! 
"These army print kicks are for the guys (but don't worry ladies... you can rock it too). Perfect for those looks where you just need that 1 pop to make the outfit!"
On the right: Shade room, modelled by my blogger friend La Shell of One Pot Living. "Every Caribbean person understands the call of the beach... why not make it a part of your wardrobe? These beachy sneakers are a great unisex option and are perfect for all of us that crave the sun, sea and sand. This ombre shoe is filled with shades of blue!"
I didn't quite get to model #icant, because.. well.. I ran out of outfits lol. I'm still new to this whole fashion thing, bear with me. "#icant live without these Ikat sneaks! These subtle sneakers are for those who rock it a bit laid back. Not a fan of bold colours... well these primarily white sneakers are the icing on the cake to a banging minimalist outfit."
Stitched seeks to target the practical fashionista (dis me!!!). The Stitched Pop Culture Collection is the first full sneaker collection done by the company. Unlike their previous collections that were made to order, these are available for immediate purchase. Having worn them for a few hours well, I can attest to how comfortable they are. With Carnival right around the corner, these are perfect for having a good time in comfort! Or, if you're not into the Carnival scene, these are perfect to just knock about, run errands, lime with friends, the possibilities are endless! Especially if you're not into heels like me.

Thinking about getting a pair? You can check our their website, and follow them on Instagram. Please don't ask me which one I like best. I'm aiming to get a few well, or all... because.. cuteness and comfort? Here for it. Which one(s) would you get? Sound off below!!

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.

PS: Photos by Marc Chandler, you can reach him here