The Picnic-Perfect way to spend the day

I had been searching for something to do for my fiancé's 30th birthday. Something intimate and not over the top. So when I came across Picnic-Perfect Limited, I was instantly curious to what they offered.

Jason and I had always toyed with the idea of doing a picnic date in the past (admittedly more me than him lol), so I saw this as the ideal opportunity. And the fact that I kept this as a surprise would make the day very...interesting, to say the least. Here's how the entire process went down.

Kerry-Ann Bryant, the Picnic Consultant at Picnic-Perfect Ltd., started off the process by sending me a online booking form where I would choose the package that would work best for us. Choosing the package included the theme, event type, menu, and any other add ons that they offer.

After figuring out what menu Jason would like, I made the booking. When I relayed to Kerry-Ann the venue of choice, San Antonio Farms, she immediately followed up with the owner and even did a site visit. I honestly was not expecting this, but was happy to see her foresight in the planning process as she had not been to that venue before. With everything in place, the countdown to his birthday began. 

So on the day after his birthday, we found ourselves heading up to Santa Cruz, him with a vague idea of what we were doing, and by the time we got up there, he (who did I mention doesn't like surprises), was very much concerned about what I'd gotten us into lol. But! all's well that ends well.

Though the original plan was to have the picnic set up at one of the beautiful spots along one of San Antonio trails, due to weather, we had to set things up to the side of a cottage off the main building. And by we, I mean Kerry-Ann and husband Gabriel, who had everything set up and ready for our arrival.

We had a beautiful spread including throw pillows, a little mini hut, with our meal displayed on a palette.. or do they call a crate? (either way I loved that!). So we got down and into the experience. We feasted on a variety of deli cuts, cheeses, breads and for dessert, we had cupcakes, truffles and grapes. Our drinks included water, fruit punch and non alcoholic wine.

What is good to mention is that although they have quite a few menus to choose from like chocolate fountain or cheese fondue, you can bring in other goodies if you wish to. So if you have something extra that you wanted, like a birthday cake or a bottle of bubbly, You can arrange with them to have that incorporated.

We sat, we laughed, we talked. Jason kept referencing the fact that I had my good friend (whose name is also Jason lol) of J. Regis Photography taking photos of us while we relaxed (in my defence...I wanted nice photos for us to remember lol..and then there is this blog post.. but anywayyyyyy). 

One cool feature that we both enjoyed was a Jeopardy style game that they custom made based on information I had given her before about us, as well as some of his interests and about general information on our country. Did you know that Las Cuevas Beach is the only certified Blue Flag beach in Trinidad and Tobago? I certainly didn't know this. The questions left us stumped, left us laughing, and left us reminiscing on our relationship from inception till now. It was nostalgic.

At first I thought that spending a few hours this way would drag on, but the time flew quickly, and before I knew it, the time was up.. sigh. The best part is that we could just get up and leave. The Picnic-Perfect team would pack up, break down and clean up the area like if your afternoon didn't even happen. All we had to do was call and let them know we were winding down and they took care of the rest.

Overall, despite the rainy weather, a very concerned fiancé and other random things that made the day a bit more.. interesting, we spent a wonderful afternoon together. Jason mentioned that he would do it again in the future, but this time, minus the photographer lol!

I asked Kerry-Ann what inspired her to create such a service, and she explained that it was out her wanting people to experience spending quality time together, be it a couple, family, or a larger group, without the hassle of having to deal with the planning process. I can say from this experience that it is indeed a very novel idea. Nothing beats the ease of spending time together, while doing something a little different, and not having to worry and executing all the details yourself. Would i recommend it? Definitely!!

You can learn more about Picnic-Perfect Ltd via their Facebook page.

So let me know, are you into the whole picnic concept? Is this something you would do your significant other? What are your must haves on a picnic date? Let me know in the comments.

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.