Faby nail polish launches in Trinidad

As always, Facebook finds a way to help me discover things that peak my interest. So as an avid nail polish lover and collector, my interest was definitely peaked when I saw that the international nail polish line Faby would be launching here in Trinidad.
A quick message to Kimberly Francis to RSVP, some event shares on my social media and a few days later, I found myself at the Soft Box Photography Studios on Alcazar Street in St. Clair, excited to learn more about the brand and to scope out their product offerings.
Soft Box Studios
But before I get into that, I had to get the scoop on Faby and what they're about. Faby, established in 2013, is a family owned and operated company, who boosts many fashion accolades which include being featured in magazines such as Marie Claire and Vogue, as well as being incorporated into major fashion events such as New York, Milan and and London Fashion Week. The Italian based business is also distributed in over 50 countries and are proud to be cruelty free and boasts almost 300 shades of lacquer. 

The Collection's logo
Now on to the event. Upon entering, I was warmly greeted by the effervescent Blake Batson, a member of the Body NV Distributors Ltd. Body NV were the event organisers and are the distributors for Faby locally. I also had a quick chat with him, along with Nicole Aleong, Body NV's Managing Director. You could easily see that their team was really excited about what the evening had in store. A little later on in my chat with Alberto Viale, I understood why.

Alberto Viale, of the Viale family who created Faby, acts as their Executive International Sales Manager. On his first trip to Trinidad, he was delighted with the turn out at the launch and was very eager to show me the highlight of the evening's proceedings. To celebrate their Trinidad launch, Faby has created a nail polish line just for us, that specifically aims to capture the essence of our Carnival. It is simply titled, 'Faby Carnival Collection 2018'.

Faby Carnival Collection 2018. The names!!!!
Alberto indicated that he liaised with his colleagues here to draw inspiration for the collection, as he wanted to ensure that the collection truly represented what our Canival is about. I for one can appreciate the fact that they took to the time to collaborate with locals not only for the collection aesthetic, but also for the nail lacquer names. You can't go wrong with names like Sweet Pan, Cooler Fete and my personal favourite, No wining on the police. Faby will be partnering with Carnival bands Bliss and Harts, so for those of you who play mas with those bands, or are considering playing, be on the look out.

When I enquired about the name 'Faby', the response was one of the sweetest things ever, even swoon worthy if I do say so myself. The brand is named after... you guessed it... his mom!!! It's obvious that their family collectively shares a passion for what they do. On being environmentally conscious, Alberto and the Faby team are very much all about producing a high quality brand of polishes, that are also free of chemicals such as Formaldehyde, Parabens and Lead to name a few (they provided us with an extensive list of chemicals, generally found in other nail polish, that they do not use in theirs).

I had the opportunity to try out their gel polish. Now as much as I looooooooove nail polish, I don't wear them on my finger nails often. And when I do, I use gel polish because they last longer. Sadly, with other gel polishes I've used in the past, I experienced flaking within 2-3 days. However, I got a longer wear time with the Faby gel polish. I was genuinely surprised by this. Makes a girl want to do her nails more often lol. 

Taking a selfie with Alberto Viale, Exec Int'l Sales Manager for Faby. Don't let the photo fool you, He's at least 6 ft tall.
For now, Faby polishes will be available at select salons. Their main target market includes spas, salons and nail technicians. As for consumer retail, I don't think that we'll see the line in Pennywise, but one can hope that they do end up at least in Wonderful World. Faby is a brand that I'm sure that those of us who want higher quality polishes would purchase. I wish all the best to both the Faby and the Body NV teams on this venture, and I surely look forward to their future collections. I for one will be getting my hands on some of their polishes in the near future. You can keep up to date with the all things Faby locally by checking out the Faby Nails - Caribbean Facebook page.

Here are some more photos from the event

Soft box
Faby's Posh Collection
Faby's Man Collection.

A cross section of some of the polishes that patrons
patrons could choose to have applied

I like their branding

Body NV, Distributors of Faby

UPDATE: This was my nails a little over a week of using
their gel polish, very little if almost no chipping.
My nails grew out.

For even more event photos, check out their photo gallery here. So what do you think loves? Does the Faby Carnival Collection truly represent our Carnival? What about the collection names? What do you think of their colour range on a whole? Would you purchase any of their polishes? Leave your comments below. 

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.