Nelly B. and the case of the 'Woubles'?

Ah yes... Woubles... This!!! is what had me counting down the days till Saturday March 18th. I dreamt of it, I fantasised about it, I harassed my coworkers about how awesome it would be.

After seeing photos of it on Facebook, getting feedback from colleagues who had it, paying for my spot, and speaking briefly with one of the chefs; I had convinced myself that this was going to be one of those food things that would surpass my expectations beyond measure. Well did it? And what the heck is a Woubles? Let's get to that...

That Saturday evening I found myself at C&J Roti shop, located on Paradise Lane, Tumpuna Road, Arima, excited and ready to sink my teeth into this twist on our national street food and photograph every bit of experience. But, as luck would have it, I brought my camera, but not the battery 😭. Oh well, phone photos had to suffice. Nonetheless, I was ready to take in the offerings of Chefs Rishi Ramoutar and Nicholas Sankeralli, the Taste Designers and creative geniuses behind Pepperboys Catering. 

My first cocktail, very refreshing
This cocktail packed a punch!

The evening though, was not just about this particular culinary treat, rather, it was full culinary experience. It started off with cocktails by the very talented Kishion Guillaume, Mixologist at Tilt and Dine innovation. The first offering was a combination of mango puree, portugal juice, a squeeze of lime, vodka,topped off with prosecco and garnished with fresh rosemary. It was refreshing and not too strong, perfect for someone like me who wanted to indulge a little, but didn't have a designated driver. The second cocktail of choice consisted of Single Barrel, fresh five finger juice, bay leaf and clove simple syrup, orange bitters topped off with Apple J and garnished with a slice of the five finger fruit. This one had a kick! But just like the first, was refreshing to the palette. 

Mixologist Kishion Guillaume
On to the Woubles!! Now by no means am I a culinary expert, so bear with me while I try my best to to describe the awesomeness of this dish. The waffle had the perfect texture. A bit crunchy on the outside, but yet dense, and oh so soft on the inside. And yes, it tasted like bara, minus the excessive oil of course, which for me was a huge plus. Add the perfectly done channa, tamarind sauce and cucumber (sorry folks, me and pepper sauce eh no fren) and what I ended up with was a mouth watering spin on one of my favourite foods. 

IT... WAS... EPIC!!!!!! 

Woubles with shrimp
Not only was that in itself off the charts, but when given the opportunity to add shrimp or chicken (I took shrimp), my tastebuds were blown away. I kid you not. And the extra added bonus part is how satisfying it is. Two Woubles and I was ready to call it a night, but alas, there was still the dessert portion of the evening. 

Paynuse Creme Brulee
Pineapple paynuse ice cream, Mahanboug Beignet with Cardamom cream
Our desserts, again attest to these chefs' ability to conceptualise modern twists on traditional foods. If you're not into the extremely sweet treats, then the Paynuse Creme Brulee would be your dessert, It's creamy, and you get very subtle spice notes as well. If you're all about having a sweet tooth, then the Pineapple paynuse ice cream with Mahanboug beignet and cardamom cream would be the perfect way to end a meal. The beignet was still warm and beautifully contrasted against the cold ice cream and the cardamom cream. Have you ever had warm apple pie or brownie with a scoop of ice cream on top? If so, then you get that same effect with this dessert. If not, then you need to try it.

Chef Rishi, the brain child behind the Woubles and I had a chat after the proceedings were over, and he gave insight into how he learned the art of making doubles before perfecting the Woubles and how it was his niece that coined the term Woubles (in case you didn't catch it: Waffle + Doubles= Woubles). In our short chat I can tell that both he and Chef Nicholas are equally brilliant as they are passionate about their craft. Once they keep that up, they surely have a wonderful career ahead of them.

Chef Nicholas Sankeralli
Chef Rishi Ramoutar 

Special shout out to Kendell Rajpaulsingh, who played the role of host perfectly, ensuring that we were well taken care of during the evening. My quiet evening with good company and great food was very well enjoyed. I'm not only looking forward to the next event, but also looking forward to what else these two will come up with in the future. The Woubles as of now is only being offered via catering, so if you're interested in having them cater your event, you can contact them at 688-4204/643-2189 or Pepper Boys isn't on social media just yet, but you can follow Chef Rishi @chef_rishi_ramoutar and Chef Nicholas @chef_nicholas_the_bacon_king on Instagram. So let me know in the comments. What do you think about the idea of Woubles? Would you try it? Is it too much of a modern twist for you? Or do you like their take on a Trini classic. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.