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30/4/2019 Someone once said that I make coping with anxiety look easy... HA!! I wish. From feeling on edge all the time, to wanting to throw up or pass out at the simplest of things, anxiety has been one of the banes of my existence. I'm doing my best to cope, praying that my best is simply enough. 

22/2/2019 I'd always prided myself on being part of the #teamnokids gang, however something happened this year that has me questioning if I really don't want children, or am I just putting up a front?...

6/1/2019 Happy New Year!! Fun fact: I almost gave up on Nelly B. Yes, on the blogging, on the Youtube, the whole lot. But yet, here I am, recording again. Let me explain...

28/11/2018: How would you cope with the loss of a loved one during a season that's all about family? I sat down with Elizabeth Wheeler as she shared some insight on how she celebrates Christmas since the passing of her sister, and her daughter's father.

4/10/2018: As I look back at my journey to love, I remember the moment when I felt like everything was falling apart, not realising that things were really falling into place. A change in perspective really does make a difference.

20/9/2018: We all saw the infamous Gabriella/Wendy clip where Gabby's hair was straightened, but is it a clear cut case of Wendy demanding that Gabby straighten her hair? Or is there more to the story than we truly realise?

14/9/2018: Testing, testing 1, 2, 3!!! Welcome to the podcast of Nelly B.!!!! Wait, is this thing on?