A little gaming never hurt...

If you ask my husband, he'd be quick to tell you that I love to play games. No, no, not those types of games. I mean actual games, some of which I have on my phone and are often played in my spare time. Others, I have on my computer, that I play when I need a break or quick distraction. The types of games? Match 3, hidden object, and then some. Light games that are fun and can help keep your brain sharp.

So when I came across Solitaire.org, I was curious. I did a search for online games (because I'm trying to save space on my phone and laptop) and when it popped up I figured, might as well give it a chance. Now when you land on the page and scroll, you're taken immediately to the game of solitaire. Am I good at solitaire? No, but I managed to win a few times. 

Solitaire.org has over 40 games in several different styles to choose from. So if you're into word games, card games, match 3 and the lot, and you don't want to download any additional apps to your phone or computer, then this website will be perfect for you. And I have been having a time trying the games. Some of my favourites are:

Under Hidden Object, the Palace Hotel option. I actually finished this game out to the last level and felt rather proud of myself considering that I've seemed to inherit not so good eyesight from my maternal side of the family. Thanks mom. 

Under Logic Puzzles, I love Tetra Blocks (the nostalgia hit me hard playing this) and while I figured i would have been an easy play, I did in fact forget that the game speeds up with each level. I'm yet to master it, and yes I plan to beat this game and restore my honour. I also loved Battleships Armada, and was trying to get my husband to play, but he had never heard of the game. HOW?! 

Word games are always a win in my book, and Letter Scramble did not disappoint. What's a bit hilarious to note, is that if you saw me when I was playing it, you'd have a good laugh as I panicked over the letter being thrown on to the board too quickly. Nonetheless. I'd like to think that I'm "alone" in how I'd react. See what I did there? Watch the pic from the game? Okay moving along....

So fun fact, I know how to play these Mahjong games, but don't ask me to explain. I just know. And I chose the Cooking game option because, well, it's food. That's pretty much why. It's like a match game, but not quite. Does that make sense? Probably not. But if you've never played it before, just dive in and figure it out. 

Now admittedly, I play more on my laptop than I do on my phone. So when the opportunity presented itself for me to play on mobile while waiting for an appointment, I was happy to see that the games rendered well in mobile browser, with the option to have each game open in a stand alone browser.

Am I hooked? Yeah pretty much, but with the busyness of life I have to ensure that I at least find time to get work done and play some games to have a little fun. 

Are you into these types of games? Sound off and let me know. 

Tshenelle aka Nelly B.